2011-2012 Legislative Session Begins

The legislative session begins in earnest now that more than 5,000 bills were filed last Friday. Legislators can cosponsor bills up until 5 pm on Friday, February 4th. In addition to the budget, ELM has a list of priority legislation for this session (see below) and will be working next week to get additional legislators to cosponsor these bills. We urge organizations and members to contact their Senators and Representatives and request that they cosponsor bills that are priorities for you. We will be going through all filed bills and getting docket numbers (the initial number assigned to a bill, prior to getting an actual bill number), but that will take some time. In the meantime, you can simply use the name of the bill and chief sponsors when contacting your legislators.

We are still waiting for the announcement of House Committee Chairs and assignments and expect that announcement shortly. Hearings will likely begin in March.

If you have specific questions about whether a bill was filed or need a docket number, please contact Nancy Goodman at ngoodman@environmentalleague.org.


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