Governor Releases FY 2012 Budget

The Governor released his FY 12 budget on January 26th and as expected we saw additional cuts to the environmental agencies' budgets, although perhaps not as deep as anticipated. The Secretary thanked everyone who came to the budget hearings and advocated for 1% for the environment.

 We will be doing more analysis, but from a pre-release phone call with Secretary Sullivan and his staff, we know the following. The overall EEA budget for FY 2012 is $197 million dollars (includes $13 million for the energy agencies and $6.5 million that they hope to raise from an expanded bottle bill-not a sure thing). This represents a 1.2% cut compared to the overall FY 11 budget. Without the funds from the bottle bill, EEA will see a 4.5% cut. The environmental agencies are still receiving a paltry .65% of the entire $30.5 billion state budget.

The energy agencies are funded through assessments, so these cuts just affect the environmental agencies. The budget is allocated as follows:

EEA-$22.2 million (3% cut)

DEP-$51.6 million (would be a slight increase with portion of bottle bill proceeds dedicated to DEP-without these funds, DEP would be cut 7.5%)

DCR-$71.3 million (2.3% cut)

DFG-$17.7 million (slight increase due to increased appropriations from the dedicated inland fish and game fund for some line-items, however, both the Commissioner's Office and Division of Marine Fisheries will see significant cuts as they are funded through appropriations from the operating budget and cannot use inland fish and game funds for their functions.)

DAR-$15.6 million (8% cut)


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