Senator Brown Backs the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Senator Scott Brown has taken a leadership role in the Senate to advocate for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) by signing on to a letter with other Senate Republicans urging the Senate leadership to move forward to achieve full and dedicated funding for LWCF during the lame duck session of the 111th Congress (attached here).

Representatives from several state-wide conservation organizations met with Senator Brown in Boston in mid-October and had an engaging and fruitful dialogue on LWCF. The meeting followed on the successful efforts of a state-wide campaign to secure Senator Brown’s support in which conservation organizations and their members from across the state expressed their support for LWCF to Senator Brown.

The efforts to secure full funding during this Congress continue. National Coalition for LWCF, a broad-based coalition of conservation, recreation, environment, business, historic and cultural organizations as well as many others are working together to secure full and dedicated funding of the LWCF, is exploring all alternatives to move full funding forward in the Senate as a stand-alone bill or in other vehicles. We are fortunate that the House of Representatives had already approved full funding for LWCF as part of a larger energy bill.

The odds of Senate passage will improve if Senators Brown and Kerry join co-sponsors to Senate Bill 2747, which would provide full funding for LWCF. Whether the bill passes or not during the 111th Congress, we are grateful for the support of Senators Brown and Kerry. 

Please take a moment to thank Senators Brown and Kerry for their support of LWCF and to ask for their cosponsorship of SB 2747. 


The best way to contact the Senators is through their email portals at:




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