MetroBoston Region Awarded $4 Million Sustainable Communities Grant!

HUD has awarded the Metro Boston region's Consortium for Sustainable Communities a $4 million Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant. This three-year grant will support a broad array of activities to implement the MetroFuture regional plan (developed by the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency and its partners) and to advance equitable and sustainable growth in Metro Boston. The HUD press release can be found here.
The Metro Boston proposal had the support of the Governor, over 50 municipalities in the region, and numerous business, non-profit, and institutional partners.
The Sustainable Communities Program was developed and is implemented by three federal agencies -- HUD, the Dept. of Transportation and EPA.
To read the MetroFuture Plan or the successful grant application go to
This is great news for the region. We congratulate MAPC on this achievement and look forward to working with them to implement MetroFuture!


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