Environmental Budget Update

More than 800 amendments were filed seeking to revise the House Ways and Means budget released last week.  Several amendments would increase funding for key environmental line-items including state and urban parks, MassGIS, Division of Ecological Restoration (includes Riverways), Natural Heritage, DEP administration, and Office of Dam Safety.  We have distributed a letter to all House members urging their support for these amendments.  Debate on the budget will begin next week—we’ll keep you posted.   

It is important, that in addition to the letter, representatives hear from constituents in support of these amendments.  It will be extremely difficult to restore funding in this economic climate.  If we are not heard from, these programs will continue to suffer from deep cuts.  Please contact their Representatives before next Wednesday and urge their support of these amendments. 

Text of the letter with the amendments we support can be found at: http://www.environmentalleague.org/upload/docs/houseamendments.pdf



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