TreeBay: Bid to Buy Our Environmental Assets Now!

How much is your environment worth to you?  We're selling off Massachusetts' environment and its natural resources, one piece at a time. 

The environmental programs in Massachusetts have seen a 44% drop in funding over the last decade, when adjusted for inflation. This has meant that fewer people are on the ground maintaining our parks, monitoring our water quality, regulating polluting facilities, and enforcing our environmental laws.

But the state's budget woes mean opportunity for you!  Place a bid on the items in Treebay to send a message to your State Legislator.

A group of MA environmental organizations - including several ELM interns -has created this online mock auction website that auctions off the natural resources the state can no longer afford to maintain or protect.  We hope Treebay will help create a buzz about the Environmental Budget for FY2011. 

The site will be live through the remainder of the budget season, roughly 3 months.  Auction items will be continually posted. Keep coming back!

The TreeBay link is no longer active.


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