ELM Hosts Lunch With “The Big Thirst” Author Fishman

Joining with our ELM Corporate Council member Peter DeBruin at State Street Bank, on May 4 ELM hosted a fascinating lunch with Charles Fishman, author of the award winning book “The Wal-Mart Effect” and more recently “The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulant Future of Water”. “The Big Thirst” chronicles Charles's travels around the globe and his study of a precious and undervalued resource…water. From India to Australia to Las Vegas we seem to be getting it wrong. US consumers pay more for bottled water annually than our nation spends on our entire water infrastructure system. In India, even the largest cities have access to water less than two hours per day. And in many parts of the world, water is so polluted that it could not enter our waste treatment facilities. Quite simply, we need to manage water better, both here and abroad. This lively discussion with Charles Fishman included members of the ELM Corporate Council, members of the Massachusetts Environmental Collaborative and members of the state legislature. ELM will schedule these events from time to time and welcomes participation.


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